But on the other hand, The Cubans are so used to hammering and tinkering with their relics Classics that they may not take to modern vehicles right away. In fact, I think it may take at least a year or two before the modern cars start outnumbering the classics in terms of daily usage. Also, given the amount of… » 12/18/14 11:23pm Yesterday 11:23pm

I guess that explains the funny, rotting smell in my car this morning, but it vanished. I've had an collection of acorns (trying to stay away from the N word) stored in my Focus' airbox.

Unfortunately, I park in a 3-car driveway with a fourth car and to be sure my housemate is able to get out for work, I park partway… » 12/18/14 10:45pm Yesterday 10:45pm

Yeah, Bianchi's accident, while tragic, was a freak accident. For not-so-freak accidents, I'm reminded of Robert Kubica's horrifying crash at Montreal in 2007 while driving for BMW in F1, where he collided at speed at an angle with a wall while approaching the hairpin that leads to the main straight. The car bounced… » 12/18/14 10:26pm Yesterday 10:26pm

There was one time I drove through a deep puddle at highway speeds in my manual Ford Focus... car stalled and since it was my first time having that happen to me, I was like, "WTF just happened?!" I thought quickly and restarted the car while still rolling.

Anyway, be safe out there San Fran. The hills are rivers. » 12/16/14 2:10pm Tuesday 2:10pm

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that 1) The area will NOT be accessible from normal online/offline FreeRoam (a la the Rally mode from Forza Horizon). 2) All new roads to discover, it looks like. 3) Seems that there may only be 5 new cars, again just like the Rally Expansion for Forza Horizon. 4) Obviously,… » 12/15/14 11:18pm Monday 11:18pm