i know, old article. But i saw a cladding-clad one of these in Arches National Park in Jeep territory (near Moab, Utah) back in September of 2012. i wanted to stop and get pics but my dad was driving and mum had to go to the bathroom. The clad van was currently pulled over when first spotted. My father dropped mother… » 10/30/14 9:12pm Yesterday 9:12pm

Wait, the game's out? Yay!!!!! Time to buy... I missed out on F1 2013 because some sites said Xbox360 version with retro 70s 80s cars wasn't available in US and some said it was...

Been getting the Codemasters game since the 2010 edition.

EDIT: Seems the game has received mixed reviews citing uninspiring career mode.… » 10/30/14 1:59pm Yesterday 1:59pm

Kind of reminds me of the Tiffany Blue color... Which is more aqua or turquoisey than this.

I think the idea behind the car was to give it that Supra legend that we expected from Toyota, not some Prius-skinny-wheeled, squinty-eyed autocrosser.
» 10/30/14 1:48pm Yesterday 1:48pm

Normally, the Airbag and Traction control system lights light up when you start the car then go away. If they are still lit even after driving to work or the market, most car manuals will say to have the systems checked out by the dealer or shop.

As for the CEL, your mechanic read the code and saw it was the Evap… » 10/29/14 2:16pm Wednesday 2:16pm

GT4's are more showroom stock than GT3 cars. Each level of GT has fewer and fewer creature comforts. There was a GT4 racing series in Europe that included a Porsche 911 GT4 and some other GT4-spec cars. Porsche has never made an official GT4 spec car, though. Until now... » 10/28/14 10:06pm Tuesday 10:06pm

This is, by far, the crappiest, shittiest article ever written. You guys are so freaking full of shit. Your site's SHIT.

Thankfully, I don't poo or pee very often. Hell, the last race I went to, My dad had to go 3 times and I stood outside waiting... The whole 12 hour day, I didn't go ONCE... YAY! Not once on the… » 10/28/14 2:36pm Tuesday 2:36pm

It comes with a remote? The Lego catalog made no mention of any power functions capability. Of the new holiday sets, only the High Speed Passenger Train is shown in the shop-at-home catalog as having remote control capabilities and evem shows the IR controller. » 10/28/14 1:28pm Tuesday 1:28pm

LIme Rock Park? ANyone know what it costs? I know for a fact it's wayyy cheaper than Monticello Motor Club.

BTW, Monticello Motor Club's Facebook page is chock full of pictures of cool cars they've had at the track. Porsche 918, Praga R1, Magnum MK5, Ferrari P4/5, hell, they even had a Lexus RC F doing donuts on track. » 10/27/14 5:57pm Monday 5:57pm