That racetrack hasn't been in much use since the only major series, IndyCar visited the track way back in the 90s.

Coincidentally, I first heard about the track the same day, before the accident. I was researching tracks after watching the IndyCar race yesterday at NOLA Motorsports Park, and this was one of the tracks… » 4/13/15 11:14pm 4/13/15 11:14pm

The most recent Race of Champions in the Bahamas was sort of a Country thing. Two drivers from chosen countries raced for their country in the Nations Cup events; eg. Team UK was formed from David Coulthard and Susie Wolff; Team USA was Kurt Busch and Ryan Hunter-Reay. » 4/10/15 12:05am 4/10/15 12:05am

So basically, Ford could lop the rear sides of the car off, give it a single rear wheel and sell it as a Ford GT RS Superleggera or something. Build like 10 of them as part of the original 400 or however many Ford has planned. Price tag it in the million dollar range and upgrade the engine or add a hybrid system so it… » 4/09/15 4:36pm 4/09/15 4:36pm

While I know that cars often get a bit of air off the Flugplatz, I do not know about crashes at Flugplatz.

According to Wikipedia's List of Nurburgring Fatal Accidents, this incident is the only one in its history involving the death of a spectator. Noted next to each incident in the list is the layout and named… » 4/03/15 4:54pm 4/03/15 4:54pm

Bob Barker was on the program for the April Fool's day episode the other day. Nice to see him back. He did the first section up until the first commercial break, and I think from the final commercial to the end of the program.

Speaking of April Fool's, Let's Make a Deal did a similar thing, the hosts and contestant… » 4/03/15 1:51pm 4/03/15 1:51pm