You're not being nitpicky. If I were buying a luxury car like the Mercedes or Audi or BMW, i'd want it to blend seamlessly with the dash, too! My 2005 Prius has a touchscreen that controls the HVAC, Audio, some other things, so no need for all those pesky buttons like on the other cars. There's so few buttons, the… » 4/18/14 9:50am Friday 9:50am

I think this is the saddest face 2014-2015 new cars... Jalopnik, when a car undergoes a minor refresh from OK-looking to the saddest-looking car, please refrain from posting about it. I mean, the grille is the ONLY change I can see. If I didn't know about it beforehand, I never would have known about the 4G LTE crap.… » 4/14/14 11:23am Monday 11:23am

my dad went to the 1978 USGP at Watkins Glen, which Carlos won. He has slides from that race and the 1977 USGP at Watkins Glen, as well as Formula 5000, Formula Atlantic (or whatever it's called), and other series, from Bridgehampton to Pocono to Watkins Glen to Lime Rock. » 4/13/14 7:21pm 4/13/14 7:21pm

uh, no thanks... question: why the fuck do people work out, THEN turn around and cover up the results of that hard work with god-awful tattoos? Some of my friends started working out, THEN she went and got her first tattoo... then her second tat was right on her abs... A gorgeous person, whether male or female, getting … » 4/13/14 12:40pm 4/13/14 12:40pm

Unfortunately, my copy of FM1 was a $1 pre-used game, and crashed every time i tried to select a car AFTER choosing a career event. I got around it by choosing the car beforehand, but leveling up was too slow to get to my favorite events, the endurance races, so i sort of gave up, lol. » 4/11/14 10:03am 4/11/14 10:03am

They also have car bundles. Also, last night, i found out that you can earn credits just by racing... Been a member since 2012 and never knew that. Only did 4 laps of Silverstone South and only ave 16 credits... A piddly fraction of the cost to buy a 2nd car... Ugh. With Simraceway and Forza 5, i may never be able to… » 4/11/14 9:59am 4/11/14 9:59am