I have the Maisto model of this. Really cool. engine cover was a piece of glass or plastic, dunno if it was the first "supercar" to have the engine cover made solely of transparent stuff), only other moveable parts were the wheels, suspension and the rear wing (active aero)... » 1/29/15 11:47pm Yesterday 11:47pm

I know there have been a few tanker trucks that carry methanol that caught fire but fire departments called to put them out were stumped because they couldn't see the flames.

I thought that an additive in the fuel would help make the flames more visible, sort of like an additive is added to certain gasses (like… » 1/29/15 7:23pm Yesterday 7:23pm

Well, Today's the day they show off their 2015 car.

McLaren Honda MP4-30: January 29, online
Ferrari [TBD]: January 30, online
Toro Rosso STR10: January 31, Jerez pre-season testing
Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid: February 01, Jerez
Force India VJM08: February 19, Barcelona 1 pre-season testing
Sauber C34: TBA
Red Bull RB11: TBA
» 1/28/15 8:17pm Wednesday 8:17pm

Why is every Zelda title for the 3DS instead of the more powerful Wii U, what with its second screen perfect for switching weapons and items quicker than ever before?

I tried Majora's Mask on GameCube, didn't really get the hang of it. I did enjoy Ocarina of Time.
» 1/28/15 7:54pm Wednesday 7:54pm

Maybe it's to combat hot cars? Black cars and dark cars in general tend to get hotter in the warmer months, because black absorbs infrared and white reflects it. Ask anyone who's gotten into a car on a hot summer day... the black leather interior one would be very hot, but a light-colored car would be cooler. Also,… » 1/28/15 11:31am Wednesday 11:31am