I’m not surprised a Selfie High-Heel shoe is a prank, but a client I built a website for sells products made by The Wet Brush, which are high-quality hair brushes. Last summer, I found THIS Selfie Brush for sale from the company... Needless to say, seeing a woman hold a brush to her ear made me wish I didn’t live on… » 4/01/15 10:37am Today 10:37am

What if the engine were mounted in the back of the cab, under the sleeping quarters? This would mean less driveshaft distance, right?

With the engine moved to the rear, the batteries could be moved to the front which helps make the front end smaller, but not as flat as European semi trucks which usually have a… » 3/30/15 8:24pm Monday 8:24pm

The Continental concept includes some interesting details like Tesla-style pop-out door handles (good luck getting in if the battery dies, buddy)

Companies can do things with plastic, springs, and ratcheting mechanisms that don't need batteries. My stereo's got multi-level buttons that stay recessed for one option,… » 3/30/15 4:35pm Monday 4:35pm

Or you could get a Gibbs Quadski (i prefer Aquad) all-terrain vehicle... Drive it like a normal quad on land, and if you happen to come across a gigantic body of water, no worries, just hit the switch, wheels come in, and viola, you've got a jetski!
» 3/30/15 2:20pm Monday 2:20pm

Didn't smart have a cabrio version of its fortwo here in the US? So why can't this happen? The smart may not have been a kei-type car, but it's still SMALL... The S660 could be that car that American urbanites could possibly look into as an alternative to other small city cars available here.

So, Honda, yes there is… » 3/30/15 1:20pm Monday 1:20pm

Hope not. F1 is in Malaysia, which is similar to Japan in that it's almost always rainy there. We know what happened to Jules Bianchi in Japan. #JB17.
» 3/28/15 9:59am Saturday 9:59am

Maybe it's just me, but #1 doesn't really count as a pass, does it? He has too much speed going into the corner after the pass and nails the disabled car in the corner, and the video stops after that, but it looks to me like the passer came to a stop after the collision.
» 3/28/15 9:53am Saturday 9:53am

My father has owned many fun cars over the years and never once bought a "family mobile" just because he was married or had kids. The wife gets the family mobile.

It's Paul's money, right? He should be able to do whatever he wants with his own money. No sense in having TWO "family mobiles" in the household.
» 3/27/15 2:57pm Friday 2:57pm

I went here once, when I heard it was called Magnetic Hill, I expected to hear an audible humming or strange lights in the sky... that didn't happen, but it was a cool, but short-lived, experience. » 3/26/15 3:17pm 3/26/15 3:17pm

Tommy, like I said, if you exclude regional and support series stats, Danica is the only one who's won a race. Granted, fuel strategy wins are still wins in my book. But compared over their entire careers, yes, de Silvestro and Legge have more wins than Danica. As for Carmen Jorda, I never mentioned her. The poster I… » 3/26/15 5:50pm 3/26/15 5:50pm